Turkish media: "Desperate Greece creates anti-UAV bases in the Aegean"

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The actions of Greece to put a brake on the action of Turkish UAVs and Drones in the Aegean Sea disturb Ankara and the pro-government Turkish media, which speak of "panic movements" on the part of Greece in order to counter Turkey's supposed supremacy in the skies.

Under the headline "Greece creates anti-UAV bases on Aegean islands", the Akşam newspaper refers to the deployment of an "umbrella" against enemy drones over the Greek islands - and beyond - after the purchases of corresponding systems by Israel and the US.

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"Weapons, another provocative effort by Greece against Turkey, which it recently bought from the US and Israel, are attracting attention," commented Akşam, stressing that "Greece is placing anti-UAV systems on the islands."

"Desperate in the face of the superiority of the Turkish defence industry, Athens found a solution in Israel and the USA. The American and Greek media wrote that the anti-SİHA system bought by Israel will be installed on the Aegean islands," continued the Akşam article.

In addition to the anti-UAV and anti-Drone systems, the publication refers to the possibility Greek acquisition of F-35 fighter jets, noting however that the "fragile Greek economy" may not allow the purchase to be made.

"Following the announcement that Greece will initially purchase 20 F-35 fighter jets from the US, the expert opinions on the matter were given to Breaking Defence, one of the most influential US defense media," writes the Turkish newspaper.

"Nicholas Danforth, one of the top Turkey experts at several US think tanks, expressed his thoughts on the matter, saying the F-35 sale to Greece would anger Ankara, with deepening US-Greece relations causing concern in Turkey," the article added.

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