Greek salads ranked among the best in the world

Greek salad

It comes as no surprise to food lovers to discover that Greek salads are among the healthiest and tastiest salads in the world, thanks largely to their Mediterranean dietary roots.

According to the recent rankings by Food Atlas as least two Greek salads find themselves in the world's top 10 with a total 8 among the top 50.

Cretan Dakos salad is ranked in 2nd position with the Horiatiki 'Greek salad' ranked in 10th position. .


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It is no surprise, as one of the main features for which tourists choose our country to spend their holidays, apart from the sea, is also the food.

Greek cuisine is known the world over for its fresh products and visitors arriving want to taste as many dishes as they can.

At the top, of course, are foods such as souvlaki, moussaka, and others of that kind, especially fish, but the Greek salads have a special place for the food aficionados.


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