Did Homer really write The Iliad and Odyssey - Indo European origins and the Mahabharata

Homer the iliad and the odyssey origins homer

The Greek Epics of the Iliad and the Odyssey are well known, but what is not so well known is their origin, despite the common belief they are Homer's creation.

Where are they from, are the stories Classical Greek? Mycenean? Or from elsewhere in time and place?

This video looks at these Epics and looks at the stories within them, comparing them to other stories from other cultures, before finding one Greek myth that was told long before the proto Indo Europeans. One of the oldest stories in the world that we know to date.

With special thanks to Professor Ken Dowden whose lectures inspired me.

Jon F White is the YouTuber behind Creganford, academic videos discussing Indo-European mythology, history, and culture.

From the Vikings to the Vedas, from Zeus to Zoroastrianism, and from Sacrifices to Spirituality, the channel talks about Europe's earliest people, the farmers, the Proto Indo-Europeans, and the cultures and religions that followed.

The channel is named after a town mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, a place where Jon F White grew up.


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