Touring Greece, one myth at a time

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Greece is a country that is rich with history, culture, and mythology, from democracy to philosophy, from cobbled stone to the ivory statue, from the tip of the glorious Acropolis in Athens to the majestic splendour of Kamara in Thessaloniki.

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Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Tours of Greece can be filled with informative visits to archaeological sites and museums. But there is so much more to discover.

In addition to the legacy of man depicted in every stone and every mossy crevice of every column and amphorae, Greece is also the land of sea, sun, and sand.

The ideal Greek tour should inevitably include breathtaking beach escapades with dips in the endless, azure ocean.

Elafonissos Beach, Simos Island, Greece Tours
Elafonissos Beach, Simos Island

Indubitably, the best tours of Greece also allow time to sample some of the finest Mediterranean cuisines that exist.

From classy seaside restaurants to traditional tavernas; from ‘moussaka’ to an excellent, meaty ‘souvlaki’; Greek tours should be packed with gastronomical detours that arrive at one flavorful destination: yummy.

mediterranean diet, Agkali, Folegandros
Pasithea Restaurant, Agkali, Folegandros

Tours of Greece should combine the best of all worlds: educational trips packed to the brim with museum hopping and the accumulation of interesting facts about human history; as well as strolls to wild forests, night-dancing in vibrant beach bars and enjoying memorable discussions spent over long afternoons, lounging in picturesque coffee shops.

Nemobar Paros, Greece tours
Nemobar, Paros

Greek tours should allow time for travellers to acquire knowledge, as well as for entertainment and good food – for what is a trip to Greece, if not a deep dive into her rich culture, a bold step into her timeless mythology, a daring glance into her eternal, ephemeral, eldritch beauty?

Magical sunsets
Magical sunsets

Look for a Greek tour package that includes a potpourri of experiences that will leave you wanting more - more wandering inside undefiled, virgin forests, more meandering in labyrinthine alleyways dressed in aromatic wisteria, and of course more endless, sleepless nights spent partying in the most VIP of summer clubs.

Greek tours, Mykonos Chora
The beautiful streets of Chora, Mykonos

With the suitable Greek tour, you will discover more than just the country and its people, its cuisine, and its history – you will find yourself.

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