DK Oyster of Mykonos fined over €30,000 after ripping off American tourists

DK Oyster Mykonos

The auditing services of the Ministry of Tourism made a big deal about the DK Oyster bar in Mykonos, the restaurant with the "golden crab legs" that bit two American tourists, charging them €600 for two drinks and a portion of crab legs.

The Minister of Tourism, Vassilis Kikilias, had instructed the Cyclades Regional Tourism Agency to proceed with a thorough investigation into the incident. During the investigation of the company's books, 7-8 violations were found, resulting in a fine of €31,000.

It is recalled that the two American women had taken legal action against three waiters of the restaurant and the manager for threats.

The lawsuit report stated that a mother was in Mykonos for a few days vacation with her daughter, when her travel agent recommended her to visit one of the most famous beaches of the island, Platis Gialos.

When they got there, they passed several restaurants and initially responded with a smile to the polite gestures of the workers at the entrance of DK Oyster.

Brenda Moulton, speaking to Proto Thema, describing the adventure she and her 19-year-old daughter experienced in Mykonos after they were enticed into the restaurant.

Brenda Moulton claims that, while she had no intention of sitting in one of the restaurants, the employee of the shop where the incident was recorded suddenly jumped in front of her and in a persistent and annoying manner, coerced her into the shop.

The menu listed the products, but not the prices, as the American claims in her lawsuit, who finally chose two mojitos from the list and while initially - as she notes - had no intention of ordering food, she did it so she would not experience anymore pressure from the waiters.

It was the infamous crab legs...

The argument

It was time to leave after two hours at the store. Then the American woman asked to pay, but the managers of the "free" sunbeds asked the tourists to enter the store. And then the revelation was made with the bill.

After refusing to pay the bill, she was told verbatim: that the police would be called and they would not be able to retuern to the US.

She finally paid with her credit card and got the receipt.

When Brenda left the restaurant, she advised anyone she met on the street to watch out for this store because they charge whatever they want to the bill.

A little later, the manager of the store approached her angrily and then the woman started shouting to not be touched.

The lawyer of the American tourists, Marianna Kikiri, said that the order she has received is to proceed with the legal actions required for the "crab's legs case " to reach the courtrooms.

"It was a nightmarish incident for them that they will not forget," the lawyer stressed.

For their part, the managers of the restaurant in Platis Gialos denied the complaints of the American woman, saying that during her stay she did not express any dissatisfaction.

They emphasise that they will follow the legal path, denouncing defamation that led to moral and financial damage, while they argue that the incident was also detrimental to the island's tourism.

"It all started with the complaint against our business by an American tourist who, after having lunch at our restaurant and especially on our beach using a free sunbed and umbrella, paid the bill for her meal as usual, even giving a tip to the staff of the business without to express the slightest complaint and the slightest displeasure.

"In retrospect and after she left our restaurant, we were stunned by her complaint, which is unfounded and we cannot know what and how she was motivated, however she was definitely motivated by opaque, unfair and obviously hidden competitive interests."

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