Lakis Gavalas dumps alienating Mykonos for Paros

Lakis Gavalas

Greek celebrity fashionista Lakis Gavalas has renounced his once beloved Mykonos  in favour of Paros noting that he has become increasingly estranged from the island given, as he mentioned in an interview with Secret magazine, the only way to get by in Mykonos "is only if you speak Arabic."

"I don't go to Mykonos anymore, unless there are international invitations, like the one from Loewe and Armani. I have one complaint:  that I haven't learned to speak Arabic because that's the only way you can get along in Mykonos," said the fashion icon and businessman.

Gavalas is now relaxing in Paros and recharging his batteries for the new and demanding season.

"However, here in Paros where I am, in Ampelas, in particular, I'm having a great time, with the wonderful cuisine, the fantastic beach, where on July 31st we have the king of the clarinet, Vassilopoulos," he said.

"August 6th is my birthday. I'm turning 70 and the party has a '70s theme, with DJs, live music and various surprises," revealed the fashion designer.

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