Mykonos: Albanian tourists reported the theft of gold worth €45,000


Gangs of burglars continue their activity on Mykonos despite the strengthening of the police forces. The insolent thieves strike day and night at selected targets.

They know from their informants (drivers, villa staff and concierge) which tourists are loaded with jewels, gold and cash, according to Proto Thema. They are followed closely and when they leave their villas or hotel rooms, they barge and grab everything they can find, even passports and driving licenses.

Their victims this time were three Albanian tourists who had come to Mykonos for a few days vacation. They had booked a suite in a luxury hotel in the Plindri area when in the early hours of last Sunday, July 24, unknown persons broke into their room through the balcony door using a drill.

From the first Albanian tourist, as reported to the police, took away gold jewellery with a total value of €17,100, her passport and driver's license. Items and jewellery worth €18,400 were taken from her sister, as well as her passport.

They grabbed objects and jewellery worth €10,000 from her boyfriend, as well as his passport.

As reported earlier, passports taken by thieves from tourists end up on the black market, bought by human tracking networks and resold to illegal immigrants.

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