Skiathos: Employee reports colleague from Bangladesh for attempted rape

rape sexual assault man Mykonos

Nightmarish moments were experienced by a 25-year-old woman in Skiathos, who reported that a 40-year-old Bangladeshi man, with whom she worked together in a tavern on the island, attacked her and tried to rape her on Saturday night when she had finished work and went to her room to rest.

As the 25-year-old said, according to Proto Thema, the perpetrator followed her to her room, which was granted to her by the owner of the store, broke into it, grabbed her by the hands, immobilised her and threw her on the bed. He then tried having sexual intercourse with her.

The woman pushed him, opened the door and called for help while escaping the would-be rapist.

She then went to the Skiathos police station and reported the attempted rape. Police immediately arrested the foreigner.

The Bangladeshi man reportedly maintains that he had no intention of raping the woman, however he does not deny that he assaulted the girl and reportedly apologised to her, with the excuse that he was drunk.

Afterwards, he was taken to the Volos First District Prosecutor, who charged him with attempted felony rape and referred him to the investigator, from whom he requested and received a deadline to testify in the following days.

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