Tourists 'ripped off' on Acropolis; no small water bottles available

Tourists Acropolis

Tourists in Greece and Europe are once again victims of the summer season, with water being at a premium due to the heatwave burning up the continent.

Reports are coming from tourists and Greeks alike complaining they are being over-charged for water bottles or unable to find the cheaper smaller alternatives.

When the price cap of 50 cents was introduced by the government for a 500-ml bottle of water a few years ago, all of a sudden the small bottles seemed to have disappeared.

In airports, ferries, bus stations and ,of course, in the Acropolis and likely at other archaeological sites,  only 750-ml bottles of water were available at a much higher price.

Greek TV channels and other media interviewed angry Greeks and foreigners alike until the government intervened and fixed the price of small bottles,

The only issue is, they only last 2-3 large sips on a hot Greek summer day.

Recently tourists in Acropolis have complained that they cannot find cold water to buy in the middle of the heatwave, “but only juice for 5 euros.”

In a report broadcast by Alpha TV on Tuesday, several foreign visitors complained about the situation in the canteens of the most famous archeological site.


“There is only juice for 4-5 euros or water and even then its no cold,” the Alpha reported started her report.

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