Greece rolls out digital 'wallet' for citizens; ID and driving license now on phone

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Greece has rolled out a digital wallet application for its citizens, bringing user experience and services in sync with contemporary life, allowing people to carry their ID and driving license on their mobile phone among others.

The new application " Wallet" providing a virtual wallet on mobile phones was rolling out as of yesterday, Digital Governance Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis said on Wednesday, at an event attended by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The downloaded mobile app will replace the need to carry a police ID or a driver's license in physical form, allowing faster transactions through a secure system calling for digital confirmation through a QR code, among others.

Pierrakakis said the app was set up through the general public administration "" platform's internal structure, and he explained how it is downloaded through and the use of tax (TaxisNet) or web banking codes. Text messages (SMSs) will confirm every document issued, he said. Wallet is available as of the same day (July 27) to citizens whose tax number (AFM) ends in 1, and will eventually roll out to all.

The IDs will carry their identifying QR code, which can confirm when officials ask for each and then scan it.

In addition, "We are creating a system for banks and telecom providers starting October 1, as well as for agencies requiring the user to show an ID. A digital trace will be created instead of copies of one's ID, turning into digital proof something that has been a burden to provide in physical form," the minister said, referring to the police IDs required for most official transactions.

Pierrakakis thanked his fellow ministers Kostas Karamanlis (Infrastructure & Transport) and Takis Theodorikakos (Citizen Protection), and told the prime minister that "this was a heart project of yours since you were the leader of the main opposition, and it still is and is about your dream, that is exactly why it has no become reality."

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