Londoner furious after £360 bill for four drinks and a snack in Mykonos...

Mykonos Petros the Pelican

A Greek speaking Londoner on holidays on the very expensive island of Mykonos claims he was charged  £360 for four drinks and a snack, reported The Sun newspaper.

According to the media outlet, the incident took place at the notorious  DK Oyster restaurant, which has been in the media spotlight over similar claims. Recently, the auditing services of the Greek Ministry of Tourism fined the restaurant an estimated €31,000 for several violations following an inspection of their books.

Londoner Jak Kypri claims the restaurant staff never offered him a menu and instead told him what was on offering. He proceeded to order two tequilas, two beers and some shrimp which included only "six prawns".

Kypri claims to have asked to see the menu after he was billed and noticed the priced items were not as high as he had been charged.

"I told the waiter, 'no, I'm giving you 65 euros at most,' and I slammed it down on the table," he said.

"They became aggressive and started crowding around me when I questioned the astronomic and unjustified prices.

"I thought, I'm an 18-stone guy, I speak Greek, I won't be intimidated."

The incident follows similar stories such as the two American women who recently took legal action against three waiters of the restaurant and the manager for threats.

The lawsuit report stated that a mother was in Mykonos for a few days vacation with her daughter, when her travel agent recommended her to visit one of the most famous beaches of the island, Platis Gialos.

When they got there, they passed several restaurants and initially responded with a smile to the polite gestures of the workers at the entrance of DK Oyster.

Brenda Moulton, speaking to Proto Thema, describing the adventure she and her 19-year-old daughter experienced in Mykonos after they were enticed into the restaurant.

Brenda Moulton claims that, while she had no intention of sitting in one of the restaurants, the employee of the shop where the incident was recorded suddenly jumped in front of her and in a persistent and annoying manner, coerced her into the shop.

The menu listed the products, but not the prices, as the American claims in her lawsuit, who finally chose two mojitos from the list and while initially – as she notes – had no intention of ordering food, she did it so she would not experience anymore pressure from the waiters.