Greek Model Christos Koutelas Dies Suddenly This Morning

Christos Koutelas

Well-known model Christos Koutelas has passed away suddenly this morning after a suspected heart attack, leaving his family devastated.

An autopsy is yet to confirm the exact cause of young man’s shock death.

The news was announced by his grieving twin brother, Nikos, with a heartbreaking post on Facebook.

“My beloved brother my pain is indescribable my soul shattered into pieces my eyes haven’t stopped crying since I saw you dead.

I prayed begging Our Lady to give you a little life even to be able to give you a hug to tell you how much I love you and that I will stay next to you forever like I have for so many years!

We were inseparable from our mother’s womb, in the same womb at the same desk in joys and sorrows together now why? Why Why?? Why?? We are separated??? My mind can’t take it!!!!

Have a good paradise and watch over us all with your beautiful smile giving meaning to our lives.

I love you my brother!”

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