Greek Officials Confirm British Tourist Killed By Helicopter Was Using Mobile Phone

Helicopter Accident Greece

Greek officials have confirmed the British tourist killed by a helicopter was not taking a selfie, as previously suggested but was probably on a phone call

Jack Fenton, 22, was killed when he walked to the rear of a helicopter, fatally making contact with the whirring blade.

He was returning home from Mykonos with friends at the beginning of the week, having been in Greece to celebrate his birthday.

After landing at a private helipad near Athens on Monday 25 July, Greek investigators said Fenton ran back onto the tarmac, despite having been warned against doing so by the crew.

According to The Times, one Greek official suggested that he had walked to the rear of the helicopter after landing to ‘take a selfie’. 

However, it has now been confirmed that it is more likely Fenton was holding a mobile phone to his ear, rather than attempting to take a photograph. 

”What is reported is that the 22-year-old was holding a mobile phone and had it to his ear, but it has not yet been clarified whether he was talking or simply returning to join his friends.”

After speaking to the pilot and two ground staff, Kondylis said Fenton left the helicopter from the right door.

He then returned, ducking under the tail of the helicopter – at which point the ‘invisible’ rotor hit him.

Saying witnesses stressed the helicopters manual had been observed when the passengers disembarked, Kondylis added: “One ground employee went to the left door, one to the right, they disembarked and escorted them [the group] 20 metres to the building.

Then one stayed with them and the other ground attendant returned to the helicopter. 

“The young passenger, unknown for what reason, returned to the helicopter. We don’t know why he came back. 

“He didn’t say anything to anyone. According to the testimonies, he was holding a mobile phone which he had to his ear, without us knowing if he was talking to someone.” 

Kondylis explained how, when one of the ground staff spotted Fenton returning to the helicopter, he shouted in English: “Stop, stop, stop.” 

Despite shouting loudly, Fenton did not appear to listen, he said, adding: "The ground staff’s voices were also heard by the captain who was inside the helicopter and was wearing headphones. So they shouted out loud.”