Latinopoulou on same-sex marriage: "It's unnatural and against our religion"

Afroditi Latinopoulou

Afroditi Latinopoulou returned to social media with a new post, this time talking about adoption, marriage and the creation of a family between same-sex couples.

Through her personal Instagram account, the former New Democracy politician uploaded a video, calling the creation of a family from the LGBTI community as "unnatural.

"It is not normal for a child to grow up with two fathers or two mothers. The child wants his mother and his father and this has been clarified for years now through countless researches," she said.

She captioned her post, and said the following in the video:

"There is increasing pressure from the LGBT community and specific media on the government to legislate civil marriage and adoption by LGBT people .

"To close the matter once and for all, both I and the vast majority of Greek society do not want to hear about marriages between men or women, let alone adoption by same-sex couples. It is something irrational, unnatural and against our religion.

"Some will say that several countries in Europe have adopted all this. Of course, they forget that many countries have not made this fatal mistake.

"In the end if we want to compare with Europe it would be better to compare with the levels of wages they receive in their purchasing power, their education system, their road network and the means of transport they have or even the access they have for their citizens with a disability.

"The last thing we are interested in is comparing whether they accept LGBT marriages and whether they are considered suitable for adoptive parents.

"Both biology and religion are clear on these matters. It is not normal for a child to grow up with two fathers or two mothers.

"The child wants his mother and his father and this has been clarified for years now through countless researches and not 52 genders purposely mixing it up so that some can promote their own agenda.

"I want to believe that the government will not bow to the concerted pressure of the LGBT community and the lobbies that support it worldwide and will not even consider allowing children from LGBT people to be adopted as if the children are products to be scrapped in order to empty the institutions.

"Father and mother play a separate but equally decisive role in their upbringing, development and character formation. They should not be insulted by some with silly fashions to play it progressive.

"Those who do not respect these and systematically seek to deconstruct our society will find us against them".

Watch the video:

Her post comes a few days after her comment on Facebook against Giorgos Kapoutzidis, who in a recent interview with Hello, had said that he would adopt a child if he found the right partner.

“If I find the right person, I will. Another reason I speak openly about the right to marry and have children is because I did not have these rights. No one told me that I have this perspective," he said.

"When I found out I was gay, I realised I would have to live a life alone and hidden. So I want young people to have this perspective, to know that if they want to have a person by their side, they can do it.

"And if they want to marry their partner and start a family, they should be able to do that too. What I didn't have - and maybe the train has already left for me, I don't know - I don't want the young people to be deprived of them."

Afroditi Latinopoulou

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