Two Pakistanis raped a woman in Serifos and left her unconscious on a deserted beach


Terror in Serifos as two men grabbed a 23-year-old woman, dragged her to a deserted beach, and committed their sickening crimes.

The Greek woman, in a semi-conscious state, went to the Serifos Police Station and reported the horror she experienced at the hands of the two Pakistani rapists, according to Proto Thema, giving an accurate description of the criminals.

An alarm has been raised on the Cycladic island with the authorities combing it from end to end in order to locate the two criminals before they strike again.

She was having fun in Livadi

As the victim reported to the Police, everything happened at dawn on July 25 between 04:00-04:30.

The girl had fun at Livadi beach, but suddenly and without remembering under what circumstances (the police believe she was drugged), the two men grabbed her against her will and took her to Avlomonas beach.

There they threw her on the sand, one fell on top of her holding her hands while the second forced her into oral sex and forced intercourse. As soon as the two Pakistanis finished their act, they disappeared .

As soon as the girl came to her senses, she went to the police and gave a description of her rapists. As she said, they were either Pakistanis or Bangladeshi nationals, aged around 30. One was of medium height, stout with a beard and the second was also of medium height, thin and unshaven.

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