SERIFOS: "They put something in my drink," says woman who accused two Pakistanis of rape

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The faces of the two Pakistanis are known to the residents of Serifos who, according to the complaint of a 23-year-old Greek vacationer from the Northern Suburbs of Athens, raped her in the early hours of July 25 on a deserted beach of the island.

The two perpetrators, who are wanted by the police, in addition to the fact that their faces have been recorded on the closed-circuit surveillance cameras of the all-day bar restaurant, where the 23-year-old chose to end her night before returning to the room of her, were recognised by several people.

Patrons, as well as employees of the business from that evening, are able to identify the two Pakistani men accused of rape, reported Proto Thema.

After all, as the young lady described in her complaint to the Serifos police, at around 4 to 4:30 in the morning, where people had started to leave the bar, there was a number of people in the area.

What the island's police officers, who have undertaken the investigations, are trying to locate the two men as soon as possible, thus putting an end to the nightmare that the 23-year-old has been living since the crime.

For this reason, they believe that there are chances that the Pakistanis are still on the island, unless they managed to leave with one of the three daily routes from Serifos to Piraeus.

The inhabitants of the island are upset, which is why they are together trying to find where the pair of perpetrators lived (or were hosted by some) all this time, in order to locate the evidence of their identities.

On the other hand, apart from the video footage from the bar in Livadi, where the two Pakistanis, after meeting the girl, then offered to pay for her last drink, other cameras are also being sought, since all together - unknown how - they covered a route of 800 metres to the deserted beach of Avlomonas.

The 23-year-old from the Northern Suburbs of the Greek capital, although according to witnesses seemed quite drunk that night, is sure that the two men in their 30s put something in her drink so that she could not remember much.

She, in addition to the complaint made to Serifos police, proceeded a little while later to explain on Instagram the details of the rape and the profile of the two men, one of whom is of medium height, stout with a beard and the second also of medium height, thin and unshaven.

"I was out for a drink at the port of the island, having consumed a small amount of alcohol by the time I got to the bar (states business name) and sat down to have a drink. Two people seemed to have dropped something in my drink and I started to lose track of what was going on.

"The two people took me from the shop and took me to a secluded beach, I don't remember how they dragged me there, I remember one of the two people holding me and raping me, while the other person was holding my hands and trying to restrain me.

"The next thing I remember is being pulled by the arms on the beach and me trying to run but not being able to and them grabbing me and holding me again.

"At some point they agreed in another language to probably let me go and when I started running I found a group of people and told them that I was being chased by two men, but they seemed drunk and didn't really care so they just took me home.

"The two people are of colour, they spoke a different language. One looked more shy and had a few extra pounds, while the other was slimmer."

Serifos Pakistani rape

Serifos Pakistani rape

One of the first people the 23-year-old notified, and who traveled from Athens to be near her, is her partner, who all these days is trying to help in the investigations to find the two men who caused so much harm to his beloved.

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