An unidentified shipwreck located in the Aegean west of the Kynthos island

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The wreck was located at a depth of 110 meters.

The wreckage was west of Kythnos, and initial investigation shows that there had been an explosion in its bow, while its stern had also collapsed reports Kostas Thoktaridis

“The general picture and the particular shipbuilding of the shipwreck which does not carry holds demonstrates one thing it's ancient, and probably a warship»

The next step will find evidence that will allow them to identify the ship.

Research with an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV), the total length of the wreck is about 40 meters.

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The wreck has a low profile, just 3 meters high, while the short distance between the transversal shipbuilding lines of the prefectures is impressive (frame lines) that make up the vessel's skeleton.

The bow of the wreck faces north. At a distance of 30 meters from the stern of the wreck, debris was found widely scattered on the bottom, which creates the feeling that a very powerful explosion was caused on board when this was on the surface.

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Sheets (sheet metal) from the sides and the deck have been tossed out of the wreckage.