Sifnos: Tragic death of 23-year-old man

The sudden death of a 23-year-old student on Sifnos: he became ill on the beach

The young man was relaxing with friends on the beach of the island of Sifnos and unexpectedly lost consciousness. He was pronounced deceased 10 minutes after being admitted to the hospital.

Thanasis Zervas was spending his third day of holidays on the island with his friends. At some point on the beach, he suddenly felt ill and fainted.

A nearby doctor who happened to be on the beach gave him first aid until the ambulance arrived. He was taken to the Sifnos Medical Center but died 10 minutes later.

Thanasis is a student at the National Technical University of Athens, the son of pathologist Despina Kunturis and architect Thanasis Zervas.

According to details, the young man with 10 of his friends went on vacation with school friends from Lamia.

On Tuesday morning, Thanasis felt unwell. At noon, he did a self-diagnosis and saw a positive result for coronavirus. One of the groups had symptoms, but the test result was negative. In the afternoon, the group went to the beach while Thanasis stayed in the tent. Later, he went to look for friends, but he suddenly vomited, and soon after, he lost consciousness.

According to the initial report, he had a cardiac arrest. However, family doctor Panagiotis Yakovidis says:

“The young man had no known major health problems. This is a shocking loss, in such cases the cause is always or almost always cardiac. If he was also positive for coronavirus, obviously this possibility should be considered. This must be done following the prescribed procedures, because there are problems related to the coronavirus. This is a very complex and responsible investigation.”

Doctor Panagiotis

A forensic examination is expected to shed light on the mystery of the student’s sudden death. His body arrived late on Wednesday at the port of Piraeus, and an autopsy will be performed on Thursday morning to investigate what happened to the young man was a complication of covid