Konstantinos Argiros: Which island is the beloved singers favourite?

Konstantinos Argiros

Konstantinos Argiros every year enjoys part of the holidays on his favourite island, where he spent his childhood and teenage summers.

As is known, the singer comes from the beautiful Ionian island of Lefkada and as he has revealed, when he is there on his favourite island, he remembers the beautiful and carefree moments of his childhood.

Through interviews he has emphasised that every time he is in Lefkada he is enchanted: "So many years have passed, but the feeling remains the same."

"Unforgettable moments etched indelibly on my mind, childhood and teenage memories, which are hard to forget. Even today the same longing. To be there, in the place that nurtured my summers," he said.

After the concerts held by Konstantinos Argiros in various places throughout Greece, he returned to his place of origin and with a post on Instagram he wrote: "Feels like home."

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Konstantinos Argiros may have been born together with his two siblings, Pavlos and Katerina in Athens and grew up there, but his father is from Lefkada and the singer learned from him the magical parts of the island.

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