Nick Kyrgios Mum admits she won't watch her son's games

Nill Kyrgios MUM

The mum of Greek-Malay Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios recently confessed in a, Australian TV interview with popular morning show host Karl Stefanovic  that she doesn't really watch her son's games because it's 'not a good experience'.

During the interview Nill Kyrgios Mum said she didn’t watch a single point of her son's match against Serbian superstar Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon men’s singles final, confessing she was too nervous and instead went to bed.

“I actually didn’t watch the game,” she told Today host Karl Stefanovic.

“I haven’t watched any of his games.

“I had a very good sleep … I actually watched him go on court. I love that, you know, watching him walking through Wimbledon, just that atmosphere. I love watching him walk on to the court and just see the reaction of the spectators.

“I watched it until I think when they started warming up and I said, ‘Good luck’ and I went to bed.”

Nill then went on to explain why she  hated watching her son from the player’s box.

“You don’t want to be in his box,” she warned. “You really don’t, because you really don’t know when to stand and when to clap and when to shout.

“We have been there, and it is not a good experience.”