3.4 million tourist arrivals at Greek airports in June 2022

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Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said that the arrivals at Athens International Airport and at all other Fraport airports reached 3,481,000 million in June, speaking to the public broadcaster ERT on Monday.

Specifically, the arrivals in June posted a very high increase in comparison with the respective period in 2021 (1,198,000 arrivals) while they were marginally higher compared with June 2019 (3,477,900 arrivals).

Kikilias reaffirmed that despite the multiple international crises, the picture of the tourist flows and the travel revenues is considered very satisfactory, something that is based on the Tourism Ministry's plan with top priorities the extension of the tourism period and the attraction of travellers that spend lots of money on their holidays which is good for the Greek economy.

"What we have agreed with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is to try to extend the tourism period and to bring tourists with high income.

We are experiencing a global crisis, and I will continue to say it because some believe that what is happening this year is 'business as usual. It is not such thing at all; it is the product of hard work, perfect strategy and substantial cooperation with the private sector," Kikilias stated.