ATHENS: Greek teen fought her killer to the end - Manhunt for her Pakistani boyfriend

teenager Pakistani Peristeri

Shocking details about the 17-year-old teenager in Peristeri, who was found dead in her bed, continue to emerge. It has been revealed that her death was preceded, according to Proto Thema, by a severe verbal fight with her Pakistani partner, who has since disappeared.

The medical examiner, Georgios Dilernia, who performed the autopsy on the body of the unfortunate teenager, found that she had small abrasions on the left lateral nasal surface.

This shows that the perpetrator must have put his hand on the victim's face and pressed his fingers and nails on her mouth and nose in order to suffocate her life.

The bruises found on her right hand, probably from his fingers, reveal that the girl resisted and fought her killer until the last moment, to save her life.

Homicide officers are searching for her young Pakistani boyfriend, who was the last person to see her alive, in order to shed light on the exact circumstances of her death.

But the young foreigner has been missing since last night - it is possible that he has left Athens as he is said to have informed his brother about his movements.

Testimonies indicate that a fight preceded, yesterday shortly before midnight, between the 17-year-old girl and the Pakistani.

The 17-year-old, who was not facing any health problems, lived with her mother and her sister, while the Pakistani was reportedly also being hosted recently.

This was also the cause of intense disagreements with her mother, but the situation never seemed to get out of control.

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Elsewhere, amid a rise in gender-based violence, the safety and security of women is a fantasy in Pakistan, something that is also brought over into Greece.

A disturbing video of a young woman being kidnapped in the poshest of localities in the country’s heartland added to the long, long list of gender-based violence is yet another reminder of the government’s failure, reported Daily Times.

Meanwhile, a case has been registered under sections related to car theft. However, the sections related to abduction were not included despite the CCTV footage of the incident.

Much more pertinent than the ongoing conspiracy theories or the wave of gratitude over her escaping relatively unscathed is that none of the authorities has been troubled enough to even react to the flashpoint let alone come up with remedial measures.

Pakistan not believing in fighting for its women, their security and their prosperity is old news, reported Daily Times.

A total of 157 women were kidnapped, 112 women were a victim of physical assault and 91 women were raped across Pakistan in the month of June, according to a report.

The Sustainable Social Development Organisation (SSDO) and the Centre for Research, Development and Communication (CRDC) compiled a report that pointed out a growing trend in violence against women in Pakistan along with the increasing number of domestic violence cases in the country, the Dawn Newspaper reported.

Last year, Pakistan was placed 153rd ranking on the Global Gender Gap index Given the endless horrors and discomfort that women are forced to live through in a land of men, Pakistan is in the company of sub-Saharan countries (many of which are undergoing existential crises) should not surprise anyone, reported Daily Times.

Moreover, the abysmally low conviction rate allows (read encourages) millions upon millions of women to go missing or get killed. For every rare father of Dua Zehra and Noor Muqaddam, shows that such a dismal instance occurs.

More sadly, the women are just as misogynistic largely due to lifetimes spent under the patriarchal spell. May it be women professionals, female lawmakers or ordinary countrywomen walking on the road, no one is safe from the hands and eyes ever ready to assault them, reported Daily Times