Rhodes: Bus full of tourists attacked with stones

Rhodes tourist bus attacked 2022

Passengers on a bus belonging to the Municipal Transport Company of Rhodes were attacked by two young men who were riding a motorbike without license plates and started throwing stones!

The incident happened in broad daylight on Sunday, while the bus was full of passengers, most of whom were tourists who had boarded from the airport and were bound for the city of Rhodes.

The unknown perpetrators had set up an ambush at a point on the road from Kremasti to Ialyssos and broke the windows on the driver’s side, with the risk of him losing control and going off the road!

Fortunately, however, he kept his cool and continued on his way, while the two young men fled on the motorcycle. However, one of the passengers recorded them with his mobile phone and handed the photo to police, who are investigating the incident.

The driver said that a little earlier tension had arisen with the youths because they could not overtake the bus. Despite the moments of terror they experienced, the passengers arrived safely at their destination.

According to Rodiaki, the tourists have described the incident on social media with corresponding defamatory comments about the island of Rhodes.

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