Syrian and Afghanis murder Pakistani in Macedonia

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A robbery ended in the murder of a 23-year-old Pakistani in early Sunday in a rural area of ​​Polykastro, Kilkis.

The killed Pakistani and two of his counterparts were injured for only 200 euros and a mobile phone, Proto Thema reported.

The police have already proceeded to arrest four foreigners, three men from Afghanistan and one from Syria (20, 23, 36 and 18 years old respectively). A case file was filed against them and they are being taken to the Kilkis district attorney.

They were attacked with wooden clubs

According to the police, four Pakistanis walking in the area of ​​Mikrokastro in Central Macedonia were attacked with wooden clubs and physical violence by a group of at least ten people.

After stealing 200 euros and a mobile phone, the perpetrators disappeared, leaving their victims covered in blood at the scene.

The young Pakistanis were taken to Kilkis General Hospital where one of them, aged 23, died. The other two injured are hospitalised but out of danger.

Police officers from the Paionia Department immediately started a police search that led to the arrest of the four foreigners. They were identified by the victims, while eleven improvised wooden bats were seized from the scene of the attack.

According to police sources, the motive of the perpetrators appears to have been robbery.

The police are continuing the investigations to identify the remaining perpetrators, while, so far, it has not been clarified whether the victims were moving in the area, looking for ways to leave Greece through the northern border.

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