Vlychos: The Hydra beach ranked among the most beautiful by Forbes

Vlychos Hydra

Hydra is an island of many beauties, which, due to its proximity to Athens, receives many visitors at all times of the year - with traffic peaking in from May to September.

As is known, cars are prohibited in Hydra, a peculiarity which has contributed a lot to the peace and picturesqueness that the island exudes, but makes it difficult for those who wish to reach the beaches outside the city.

Of course, for those who have their own boat or are experienced hikers, there is no problem. Other visitors, however, should make their planning based on the water taxi routes if they want to reach remote places on the island, such as Vlychos.

Vlychos is a seaside settlement built four metres above the coast. It is a small village, with only 19 inhabitants (according to the 2011 census), and its beach is on the northern edge.

It should therefore not be confused with Plakes Vlychou beach, which is located 15 minutes southwest from Vlychos.

The easiest way to get to Vlychos from Hydra is to take a water taxi, as cars are prohibited on the island.

Vlychos is located two kilometres from the port (and capital) of Hydra, where the flying dolphin from Piraeus or the water taxi from Ermioni will drop you off.

If you decide to reach the settlement on foot, you should follow the provincial road Mandrakiou-Molou, calculating that the route will take you 40 minutes.

Otherwise, at the port you will look for the water taxis that run the relevant route (every half hour in the summer), which will bring you to your destination within 10 minutes.

Vlychos Hydra

In 2019, the beach of Vlychos drove Cecilia Rodriguez, travel editor of the famous Forbes, crazy, who ranked it among the 9 most beautiful in Europe.

It is a small pebbly beach with straw umbrellas, sunbeds and shower facilities – but be aware that on some days in July and August (mainly weekends) it will be difficult to find a free space if you arrive late.

After all, according to the Special Secretariat of Waters, the maximum number of bathers that can be accommodated here amounts to approximately 150 people. In addition, at the entrance to the water, the large stones can be quite slippery, so enter/exit carefully or make sure to bring special water shoes.

Vlychos Hydra

The two great assets of Vlychos are the waters and its location.

The sea here is clean, deep, with blue and greenish hues, which will satisfy every fan of swimming. And the corner on the north side of the settlement ensures a nice view towards the islet of Dokos, as well as beautiful sunsets, if you stay here until late afternoon.

In all the idyllism, however, the small houses of the settlement that start to stand on the rocks right next to the beach also play a role, creating a very beautiful sight with their white color and their full of flowers and royal courtyards.

In fact, if you walk in their direction you will also see the picturesque coastal church of Agios Charalambos. But also look for the small church of Saints Karpou and Papylos, which dates back to 1815, as well as the small church of Agia Paraskevi on the rock.

The beach bar-restaurant "Enalion" offers sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach, as well as a place to eat. Photo: Enalion Hydra
The beach bar-restaurant "Enalion" offers sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach, as well as a place to eat. Photo: Enalion Hydra

There are no large hotel infrastructures in Vlychos: it remains a small, quiet village, which can be crowded in the summer, but is mainly aimed at those looking for a quiet, seaside excursion with the city of Hydra as their main base.

If you decide to stay here for a few days, you will find that there are various rooms for rent.

Coming for a swim, now, you will sit on the sunbeds of the beach bar-restaurant "Enalion", which serves coffee, soft drinks and juices, but also snacks, beers, ouzo and a full menu, operating from morning to night like most shops of this type in Greece.


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However, if you want a different and more special dining experience, then you should definitely eat at the "Marina" tavern of Marina Lebesi - one of the oldest in all of Hydra (operating since 1963, having undergone two renovations since then), which specialises in traditional Greek cuisine.

Here you will find fresh pelagic fish and calamari, moussaka, rooster with spaghetti, as well as watercress capama and handmade galaktobourekos.

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