ATHENS: 30-year-old Pakistani accused killer of teenage girlfriend plans to surrender to police

Pakistani Peristeri Athens

The 30-year-old Pakistani accused of murdering his 17-year-old girlfriend in the Athens neighbourhood of Peristeri plans to surrender to police today, according to those close to him.

According to Proto Thema, people who are in the environment of the foreigner, emphasise that today he will surrender, putting an end to the thriller of the case.

The 30-year-old fugitive, who according to the same sources, looks much younger than his age, will claim that he had an out of control episode with the Greek teenager and, being in an angry state of mind, drowned her and then disappeared, taking everything with him.

According to the same sources, his relatives and friends, the Pakistani fled to the northern suburbs and it preparing the ground for his surrender to the prosecuting authorities.

Shocked by the murder of his 17-year-old daughter in Peristeri is Nicoletta's father, who relayed what his other daughter told him.

Sadness and heartbreak for Nicoletta's death

"Dad, we lost Nicoletta, Sunni killed her", his daughter wrote to him in a message, conveying the tragic news.

According to Proto Thema, quoting the girl's friends, the 30-year-old Sunni had been in a relationship with the unfortunate 17-year-old student for the past 10 months and everything between them looked good.

None of their friends expected that the 17-year-old girl would be found dead in her room, lying on her bed and wearing her pajamas.

The authorities have launched a manhunt in order to locate the traces of 30-year-old Pakistani who, according to testimonies, was the last person who was with the minor girl.

In fact, according to friends of the couple, the 30-year-old alleged perpetrator is kind and very friendly, which is in contrast to the brutal murder of 17-year-old Nicoletta.

It is worth noting that the Police are investigating everything surrounding the identity of the 30-year-old in order to locate places where he may have hid, since so far he has not appeared at prosecuting authorities to give a statement, and his mobile phone switched off.

Earlier, friends of the couple and the girl went to the apartment at 48 Arachovis Street in Peristeri and left flowers at the entrance of the apartment building as a sign of love on the face of the unfortunate 17-year-old.

A girl from her friends, visibly devastated, got out of the car and, after leaving the flowers she had with her, looked at the reporters and cried for the unjust loss of her 17-year-old friend.

She told reporters: "Get the killer, her death is very unfair, sorry I can't talk anymore." Along with the flowers, he left a touching message on the door of the house, written on a small card.

"Since I will not attend your funeral, my life, I wish you light soil that will cover and strength and courage in your family, watch over us from up there, my angel."

The statements of the 17-year-old's father

The 17-year-old had no complaints from her relationship with the 30-year-old Pakistani, the girl's father said.

"She had not complained about this relationship, she said she was happy," he told Alpha.

He added that he learned the tragic news about his daughter from the news and a text message from his other daughter, which had details of the case.

“I heard the news this morning on the news. While I was watching, my little daughter sent me a message and wrote 'Dad we lost Nicoletta, Sunny killed her', her partner. I was shocked", she said.

Testimonies indicate that a fight preceded, yesterday shortly before midnight, between the 17-year-old girl and the Pakistani.

The 17-year-old, who was not facing any health problems, lived with her mother and her sister, while the Pakistani was reportedly also being hosted recently.

This was also the cause of intense disagreements with her mother, but the situation never seemed to get out of control.

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