Foreign investors eye €290m debt portfolio of 75 Greek hotels

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Foreign investors are showing an interest in a portfolio of defaulted Greek hotel loans offered for sale by debt-collecting company Intrum.

Kathimerini reported that Bain Capital and the US-based Apollo fund were among those interested in acquiring the portfolio of 75 Greek hotels that were in default of their loan repayments and valued at €290 million.

Experts said the portfolio would probably be sold at 20 to 30 per cent of its nominal value.

The biggest debtors on the portfolio included five-star hotels on the islands of Crete and Cos and in Alexandroupoli in Thrace. Also in the portfolio were four-star hotels on the Halkidiki peninsula and Skiathos.

About half of the hotels on the portfolio are located on the Dodecanese and Cyclades islands and on Crete and Corfu.

According to the newspaper, a five-star hotel in Volos and a four-star in Hania may have to liquidate their assets.

The total capacity of the portfolio was more than 4,000 rooms.