Greek opposition party calls for special criminal classification for femicide

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Femicide should be legislated and classified as a specific criminal offence, said SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance Central Committee secretary Rania Svigou on Tuesday.

Posting in social media, the main opposition party official noted that "two femicides occurred in the last 24 hours alone." She called for the "creation of a supportive framework for victims of gender-based violence, with hostels, psychological support and legal aid."

"Above all," she added, "social awareness must change. We are already behind."

Per Kathimerini, on Sunday, a man in Rethymno, Crete, stabbed to death his 56-year-old wife and mother of four. Late on Sunday in Zakynthos, a man murdered his estranged wife after she reported him to the police. On Monday evening, a 17-year-old was found dead by her mother and sister when they returned to the family home in western Athens.

Investigators are believed to be looking for her boyfriend for questioning.