Samos island hosts international youth festival

2018 ©KevinDalferth IMGP2207 7948baed3ec37330404793360103c383

The Greek island of Samos will host for the 12th consecutive year the Samos Young Artists Festival, inviting musicians for their one-week programme with live music.

Twenty two Greek and foreign musicians and acclaimed artists will travel from all over the world to meet on the island of Samos, make rehearsals and exchange views on music and performance and share the stage of the ancient theatre of Pythagorio.

Masha Ilyashow and Alexis Karaiskakis-Nastos, are resposible for the art direction of the festival and for the programme that includes seven concerts at Pythagorio ancient theatre with view to the sea and the coasts of neighbouring Turkey.

The festival will kick off on August 7 and will end on August 13.