Serifos: Two Pakistanis accused of rape have been identified

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Serifos police officers confirmed the results of the toxicology test initially made to verify that a 23-year-old woman was the victim of a gang rape by two Pakistanis, who drugged her by pouring something into her drink.

The alleged perpetrators were located and gave a statement, but claim that they had sex with the girl with her consent, Proto Thema reported.

Both claim they saw the 23-year-old drinking alone in a bar in Livadi after her friends had left and offered to treat her. They then left together and went to Avlomonas beach where, they claim, they had sex with her and denied the claim that they raped and then abandoned her.

In fact, they cite footage from another bar's security cameras, which they claim shows them returning together and continuing to drink.

The police are carefully investigating the case to find out who is right.

However, after the testimony she made at the police station of Serifos, the 23-year-old called her partner who traveled from Athens to help with the investigations, while she also uploaded a story on Instagram where she detailed her rape and described the alleged perpetrators. She wrote:

"I was out drinking at the port of the island, having consumed a small amount of alcohol by the time I got to the shop (states business name) and sat down to have a drink.

"Two people seem to have dropped something in my drink when I started to lose track of what was going on.

"The two people took me from the store and to a secluded beach, I don't remember how they dragged me there, I remember one of the two people holding me and raping me, while the other person was holding my hands and trying to calm me down.

"The next thing I remember is being pulled by the arms on the beach and me trying to run but not being able to and them grabbing me and holding me down again.

"At some point they agreed in another language to probably let me go and when I started running I found a group and told them that I was being chased by two people, but they seemed to be drunk so they didn't really care and just took me home.

"The two people are of colour, they spoke a different language. One looked more shy and had a few extra pounds, while the other was slimmer."

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