Cypriot Commonwealth ‘Dream Team’ makes Cyprus popular in Birmingham

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The impressive displays by the Cyprus Gymnastics team at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham have caught the attention of media and fans, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The Cypriot team has won six medals – one gold with Ilias Georgiou, one silver with Sokratis Pilakouris, three bronzes by Marios Georgiou and a further bronze in the Combined Team event.
Prince William and Kate Middleton were at the Birmingham Arena on Tuesday, the day that the Cypriot flag was raised three times, and the royal couple personally spoke with Marios and Ilias Georgiou.

The enthusiasm of foreign journalists for the gymnasts, nicknamed ‘Dream Team Cyprus’, is widespread, with many foreign journalists congratulating the Cypriot delegation while asking for more information about the team and the Mediterranean island.

The Birmingham Arena where the action has been held is located in the city's centre and has attracted many locals and foreigners who have crowded inside.

Walking around the arena, the atmosphere and excitement for the Cypriot team was obvious from the crowd, making all members of the Cypriot delegation feel particularly proud.

“Go go, Cyprus”, “Well done, Cyprus”, “You have a great team Cyprus” and “Cyprus rocks” were some of the expressions heard in the Arena, in the streets and in the base hotel, making the delegation realise that sport is one of the best ambassadors for the country abroad.