Greek in Taiwan: There is no panic, we have been informed about the shelters

Taiwanese flag

The authorities and residents of Taiwan are on heightened alert after the tension that has been created with China following the visit of Nancy Pelosi to the island.

Her visit to the region has raised tensions, with Taipei signaling in all directions that it is unprepared to fend off a possible Chinese military operation.

Videos of army units mobilising on the streets of Taipei appeared on social media.

A Greek and English teacher, Christos Sarantidis, who has been living and working in Taiwan since 2008, spoke to SKAI about the situation in the country.

"The shelters are always there. Emails have been sent from the government to citizens about where to go if we need something. There is a very large amount of information and organisation regarding this issue, so people have confidence in the authorities what to do if necessary," Sarantidis emphasised.

"There is no fear, from the point of view that we are under threat, mortal threat, that there will be some conflict now. There is no panic in the streets," he clarified. "We are watching the situation very carefully, as a father I am worried, but I am not panicking.

"My personal opinion is that this exercise will take place, it will last four days and it will stop, the Chinese are simply giving the signal that they are ready to impose a blockade if necessary in the future as a threat," he stressed.

Regarding Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taipei, Sarantidis said that "she came, she was received by society to a large extent, very positively."

"They changed the colours on the skyscraper with the American flag, they showed their enthusiasm, there is an opinion that if something happens, if there is a hot conflict America will come to the support of Taiwan and this is the biggest instinct of the world over here, that if it happens something, we are not alone, they will support us".

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