VIDEO: Incredible fishing in Crete with 40kg monster grouper

crete grouper

A fisherman managed to catch an impressive fish off Gramvousa, northwest Crete. Giorgos Kazoulis, a fishing equipment entrepreneur who managed to catch a grouper weighing at least 40 kilograms spoke to Kriti Simera about his experience.

"In general, I have been fishing for many years, I try to find such fish. in general I like to fish in deep water, where you usually find such big fish," he wrote on Facebook. "Such catches happen often, but you are always in awe when you catch such a big fish."

"A few words about the story: Sunday morning 4:00 am we start from home to reach our distant destination at about 7:00 am. Early in the morning, very humid, as if a cloud is stuck 10m above the sea, conditions in which fish are usually hidden and lazy.

"We decide to go back to closer spots by one and the weather forecast was out, so let's go to a familiar spot where I have lost such a fish three times in the past, the first time five years ago. A ton breaks the crank ball in my 'heavy' set and thus I am left without 'thick' tools.

"One sharp puff and I lose the bait by about a metre. I take 15m from him and hold it as long as I can, he cuts the hair in his teeth.

"I say with such tools it is futile to try again and we cast 50m + further to try again. Exactly the same hit and I pull again as fast as possible.

"I say maybe I have a chance to get it if the fish is not too big A 20 minute battle ensues.

"Once it surfaced I really couldn't believe my eyes. The fish was one of the biggest I have ever caught.

"The fish also had the previous bait in its mouth. Maybe the experience with fishing this species helped a little, but really the power these fish have is incredible."

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