Doomocracy wraps up video shooting in Crete ahead of new album release

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Doom Metal band Doomocracy has announced the completion of shooting a new video in Crete ahead of their anticipated their album release.

Although the slower but heavier Doom style of metal music is associated with Sweden, with bands like Candlemass, and the US, represented by the likes of Solitude Aeturnus, the Heraklion-based Doomocracy has put Greece on the map too now.

Created by Minas Vasilakis on drums, Angelos Tzanis on guitar and Michael Stavrakakis on vocals, and joined later by Manolis Sx on bass and Harry Dokos on guitar, they released their first album "The End is Written" in 2013.

Following their first album, the band continued their association with Thessaloniki heavy metal label Steel Gallery Records for the release of their second album “Visions and Creatures of Imagination”, which featured masterpieces, like “A Taste of Absinth” and “Ghosts of the Past”.

Fives year on from “Visions and Creatures of Imagination”, the band has finally wrapped up filming for a video expected to be released along with their anticipated third album.

The Cretan band, which has shared the stage with Soulfly, Virgin Steele, Sabaton, Crimson Dawn and Memory Garden, and performed at Chania Rock Festival Hammer of Doom, Malta Doom Metal and  Doom Over Scania, released images from their filming sessions.

Writing on Twitter, the band said: "We have spent the last 4 days shooting videos in various beautiful locations around Crete, with Swedish videographer Daniel Wahlstrom. Daniel is an expert videographer and an incredible human being."

Image Credit: Doomocracy.

"We want to thank him for all of his hard work and we look forward to the end result! Check out his page Heavy Groove Media for more information. We passed through fire and iron and we emerged victorious!", a follow up tweet said.

Now we just await for the announcement for the official release date!



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