Tragedy in Sivota: Woman killed in front of her child while paragliding


A woman paragliding between Sivota and Corfu died on Sunday afternoon after the tow line snapped.

The 62-year-old, who was a mother of two adult children and also a grandmother, was paragliding, while inside the boat pulling the parachute were her husband and her child.

The unfortunate woman wanted to paraglide when a wind gust broke out at around 4:30 p.m. while the woman was already in the air with the parachute.

According to news outlets, while the boat operator was trying to pull her back into the side of the boat but the towing strap broke, causing the woman to fall into the sea and died on impact.

The woman was spotted and picked up by another speedboat that was in the area.

The port authorities arrested the 34-year-old operator of the speedboat he declared

"I'm in shock; I've been crying all day. Suddenly there was a loud thud, and the strap snapped at that moment without me knowing how.

I don't know how the accident happened; the only reason I can attribute it to is the sudden wind."