The Greek Hummer that patrols the border with Turkey (VIDEO)

Greek hummer

We saw it on video as well as photos, the HMMWV M1025A2GR (as is its official name) of the 4th Army Corps, is of Greek manufacture and in fact, the M1025A2 version has been characterised by American sites, as one of the most functional and effective conversions for military use.

The HMMWV (or Humvee) has been produced in countless guises, from a personnel carrier to a Stinger missile launcher.

Considering the fact that the 'Hummer' serves the military corps of dozens of countries (from Uganda to China), it is no surprise that many industries are putting their own twist on this adaptable vehicle.

However, of all the configurations out there, the coolest (in appearance) are, according to the site "foxtrotalpha", the M1114GR and M1025A2GR of the Hellenic Army.

The two versions of the Hummer are based on an American design, with some changes from ELVO which did the assembly. The vehicle was provided by Plasan Sasa Ltd, which makes a Russian anti-tank missile. The result of this strange global collaboration is a specialised Hummer with a futuristic look.

According to military sites, the M1025A2GR has a balanced approach between military capabilities and mobility. Its armour can protect the soldiers inside from both light and medium weapons fire and explosive devices. In addition, the armour is capable of dealing with light improvised mines.

It also has a reinforced cover on the closed carriage which has either a .50 gun with a turret (M1025A2GR) or a “Kornet” anti-tank missile launcher (M1114GR). The second version is the more combative but we because of the events… learned with his first version as a .50' machine gun carrier.

The Greek vehicle now patrols the Greek-Turkish border at Evros.

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