THE SEEKERS: Judith Durham composed and sang a Greek song about 'the migrant' (VIDEO)

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As reported yesterday by Greek City Times, the late great lead singer of The Seekers Judith Durham had Greek roots, so it was not a surprise to discover in her discography a Greek song called 'O Metanastis/The Migrant' which she composed with Angela Delonis.

The song 'O Metanastis' was included in the album 'Hold On To Your Dream which includes the titles from the 1994 album “Let Me Find Love”, with the addition of the track “Australia Land Of Today” to commemorate the Centenary of Australia’s Federation in 2000.

All songs were composed or co-composed by Judith Durham, with the exception of Tk 9 composed by Lorraine Jager.

According to Australian historian Leonard Janiszewski from Macquarie University, Judith Durham’s maternal great grandfather wasCretan– Antoni Dimitri Pannicca”, a fact published in his book “In her own image: Greek-Australian women – beyond the stereotypes” by L. Janiszewski & E. Alexakis, Modern Greek Studies (Australia and New Zealand), 2006, pp. 269-170.
We are pleased to present the song written and performed by Judith Durham below: