OPINION: What Russia has done for Cyprus? "More than 'my enemy's enemy' cliché"

Russian Cyprus Cypriot flags

It was suggested by a Facebook friend yesterday that my "embracing", as he put it, of Russia came as a result of my country's betrayal by the US in 1974 and several times since and before. He further suggested that "my enemy's enemy is not necessarily my friend."

My fondness of Russia and Russians is much more profound than a simple "my enemy's enemy..." cliché.

Russia has both historically and in my own lifetime proven (in deeds) its support for my country and people. At times when, what we are told are our "allies and partners" (the Western "democracies") tried to sell us out for their own interests, it was Russia that stepped in and put a dumper on their plans.

I will never forget a crucial discussion at the UN concerning Cyprus that went late into the night and during a recess, the Russian Ambassador went for a much needed rest, but wary of an underhanded move by the British delegation left a junior diplomat in his stead with instructions to alert him if the Brits tried to pass something in his absence.

True to form, shortly after midnight, the Brits came in with some very negative provisions (for my country) to a resolution that was proposed. The Russian Ambassador was alerted, he marched into the chamber and addressing the Brits said: "I don't know what you're up to, but VETO and goodnight."

That's just one example of how Russia has stood firm in support of the Greeks of both the mainland and of our small island of Cyprus. I could list scores more but that would take up valuable time and space.

It is true, I consider the US, British and several other western governments the 'enemies' of my people, but it is also true that I consider Russia to be a friend. It has proven that time and time again, even at times when our own governments had aligned with the west against it.

Politicians may play their political games, but the people never forget a friend and they are grateful. I AM GRATEFUL!

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