New crusade to save medieval city of Rhodes


The Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports has announced new funding initiatives for the further protection and exploitation of the cultural heritage of the medieval city of Rhodes with the integrated Strategic Plan for the promotion of the archaeological site of the Palace of the Grand Master.

As announced by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the project, with a budget of 4,500,000 euros, is implemented by the competent services of the Ministry of Education and Culture with resources from the Recovery and Resilience Fund.

Culture and Sports Minister, Lina Mendoni, stated that "the medieval city of Rhodes is a huge comparative advantage for Rhodes, the Dodecanese and Greece in general. Our goal is, with the integrated design, to highlight the archaeological site of 'Perivola', included in the UNESCO zone, and to connect the ancient building remains of the dock with the medieval gardens of the Kastello, creating a new single timeless historical monumental core, in the medieval city."