Naxos tavern charges the live band fee directly to the customer on their bill

Naxos Tavern

A restaurateur in Naxos found the solution to cover the expenses of the band he brings to his tavern to entertain his customers and increase his turnover...

How? By transferring the cost of the band directly to the customer and their bill, as you will see in the bill sent by a reader to Proto Thema.

So two people paid 58.5 euros for their food and when they asked for the bill, the waiter brought them the order slip, but not the receipt.

3 9

4 5

Looking carefully at the charges on the order form, they spotted between the shrimp pasta and the zucchini meatballs, an admittedly unusual charge.

The restaurant had charged them even the live band from 2.5 euros per person, i.e. 5 euros in total.

Looking at the reviews of this particular Naxos restaurant on TripAdvisor we found that charging for live music is common for the restaurant, which otherwise serves excellent food.

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