Islamabad's imperialism called out by PoK activist

Dr. Shabir Choudhry imperialism

An activist from the region Shabir Choudhry called out Islamabad's actions in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir as eyeing to control the region’s natural resources and urged the people to raise their voice against this “naked aggression and imperialism” where all is controlled by the Pakistani army and country’s property tycoons.

According to ANI, these remarks by the activist came over the 15th amendment in Act 1974 which Pakistan is proposing to grant provincial status to PoK however, the rights activists are showing strong resentment towards this and saying that the politicians are fooling the people of the region by saying that they will be benefited from this change.

“Pakistan wants to conclude its imperialist and strategic game plan which it started in October 1947. This imperialist agenda began in name of Islam, and the captured prey shall be slaughtered with the ‘Islamic touch’,” activist Shabir Choudhry said.

He said that Pakistan is using Islam to camouflage its imperialist agenda. Since 22 October 1947, the activist noted that people of PoK are living in the false sense of being independent or liberated.

“Right from childhood, our children through social, educational, economic, and cultural mechanisms are brainwashed or educated on how to be a good slave of Pakistan,” he said while slamming Pakistan of manipulating the people of PoK region. “

He said that though all affairs of peoples’ lives in the region are controlled by four Pakistanis stationed there who are known as ‘lent officers’. “These Pakistanis are deputed on high salaries, and they protect Pakistani interests in this region, and control affairs of this region. These lent officers are IG Police, Chief Secretary, Finance Secretary, Accountant General.”

Shabir Choudhry highlighted that all officials of the PoK, before their application for any post, are forced to swear their allegiance to Pakistan.

“As if this control was insufficient, there is General Officer Commanding and sits in Murree, and is generally known as GOC Murree. He calls shots and controls all political, economic and administrative matters,” he added.

In addition, the activist also revealed that there is an interference of Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistan’s elite secret agency, into the regional affairs of PoK. He pointed out that the ISI not only controls this region, but also controls the politics of Pakistan and many other aspects of social, political, economic, administrative, and cultural life.

Apart from that, there are many other secret agencies that are freely operating in PoK and are abducting, arresting, torturing, or even killing people, he said.

“In addition to all the above, there is a Kashmir Council. Seven members of the Council are Pakistanis. Four Pakistani Lent Officers mentioned earlier shall be present in the meetings. Other Pakistani experts could also be invited to attend the meetings.”

In nutshell, Choudhry asserted that the Kashmir Council consists of all Pakistanis and all the laws passed by the Council could not be challenged in any court; and PoK Assembly have no right to oppose or reject these laws.

Terming the 15th Amendment the last nail in the coffin of our PoK’s separate identity, the activist said that although there is a strong public resentment against the proposed changes, and demonstrations are taking place in every nook and corner of PoK, ‘mental slaves’ in the PoK Assembly will not dare to refuse or challenge Pakistani proposal.

The minimum damage of the 15th amendment shall be more restrictions and more layers of control on all aspects of our lives, the activist continued saying.

Speaking on the plight of the people, Choudhry stated that they have no foreign office to protect their interests and they cannot even represent the PoK dispute in the UN, or in any other international forum.

“All the electricity generated from our region goes to Pakistan’s ‘national grid’ and is sold to the consumers in Pakistan. They also sell our electricity to us at a much higher price per unit than what they sell to Pakistani consumers.”

Condemning the economic strain on PoK, he said that to rub salt in our wounds, and to show us our real status as master and slave, they have imposed an extra tax on us.

“Our electricity requirement is 380 Megawatts, and we don’t even get that, and our people have to endure up to 18 hours of load shedding, which makes life extremely difficult. Pakistan wishes they can stop our electricity. They can switch off our Internet and mobile signals.”

If the 15th amendment is passed, the Chief Justice of the High Court and other Judges and Election Commissioner will be appointed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan and these appointments cannot be challenged in any court.

“The PoK property worth more than Rs 80 trillion will be managed by the Council.”

“There is a strong public pressure against these proposals. However, the fact remains that the Pakistani politicians have no spine. The region is politically controlled by the Pakistani political parties, namely Pakistan Tehrek e Insaf, Pakistan Muslim League N, and Pakistan Peoples Party and secret agencies.”

He urged people to stand up for their fundamental rights; and to save PoK’s identity and its future. “There must be a strong movement in all parts of PoK, and especially in Muzaffarabad.”