Kefalonia: Tax officers beaten by restaurant owner in Argostoli


Two tax officials traveled from Larissa to Kefalonia to carry out checks on some shops. However, when the two tax officials found themselves in a restaurant in Argostoli, an unprecedented incident occurred.

According to Efimerida Kefalonia journalist Xenofon Evagelatos, in speaking on Alpha TV, everything started when the two tax officials sat down to eat at the particular shop.

During their time there, they found that the people in charge were not issuing receipts as they should have been on all the tables.

When they had finished their food, the tax officials asked to speak to the shop owner and, when they informed him of the prescribed penalties, they were taken out of the shop by force and a scene of tension ensued with pushes and insults.

In fact, after a push, the female tax officer found herself on the ground, as a result of which she hit her head.

She was taken to the hospital, where she remained for a few hours, in order to monitor her health, and then she was discharged.

Immediately after the incident, the police were notified and charges were filed over the incident. The restaurant has been fined and will be closed for a month.

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