Skiathos: SEE the Wizz Air plane landing - Watch the terrifying video

Wizz Air Skiathos

Plane spotters were staggered by the close shave with the Wizz Air plane, which barely cleared the perimeter fence. The island’s layout means the runway at Skiathos Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport is very short, so pilots have to make a shallow approach.

There are several signs warning people to stay clear due to the hazard. However, there are always a few who gather every day on the beach or do some plane spotting.

As seen in the video, the aircraft, an Airbus, is only a few metres above the ground.

Bystanders filming the landing with their mobile phones were forced to crouch down.

The Airbus A321neo of Hungary's Wizz Air, a low-cost airline, was so close to the ground that bystanders could almost touch the wheels.

No incidents have ever happened at the airport of Skiathos. Only a few weeks ago, a tourist was captivated to videotape the takeoff of a Transavia plane from very close, as a result of which they were blown off their feet and ended up in the local hospital.

Earlier in early July, a 61-year-old British woman fell to the ground from the terrace she had climbed into the film from a better position, the take-off of an aircraft and from the air, resulting in head injuries.

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