Volos: Priest forbade couple from entering church because they were wearing masks


An incredible incident took place in a holy church of the Old Calendarists of Nea Ionia in Volos, where an elderly couple wanted to enter the church to worship but were expelled because they were wearing masks.

According to Gegonota, entering the courtyard of the church, the couple met the priest who, as soon as he saw them wearing masks for protection against the coronavirus, reacted strongly and, according to testimonies, allegedly said that they are forbidden to enter the church with masks.

"It is unacceptable to want to worship the image of the Virgin Mary with masks. Go away!" shouted the priest.

For their part, the couple were shocked by the verbal attack and finding that there was no room for discussion, left disappointed, not thinking for a moment to take off their mask to enter the church.

Meanwhile, "From October onwards we hope that the new vaccines will be available," Health Minister Thanos Plevris said on Thursday in an interview with Skai TV.

The minister mentioned that the pharmaceutical companies have already submitted their files and the approval process will follow.

Plevris noted that those who belong to vulnerable groups should not wait, adding once again that there is a recommendation for these groups and for citizens over 60 to proceed to the fourth dose with the existing vaccines.

"We do not intend to return to restrictive measures," he pointed out and spoke of recommendations rather than compulsory measures, such as the recommendation to use a mask in indoor spaces.

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