Why Greek-born immigrants are living longer than Australians

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Greek-born immigrants living in Australia are outliving their Australian-born counterparts by an average of three to five years, and a dietician says their longevity doesn’t all come down to diet.

Dr Tania Thodis, a dietician who has written a PhD on the longevity of Greek immigrants, says while healthy diets play a role, thriving social lives also contribute to the longevity of Greek migrants.

“The older Greek immigrants are living closer to 90 whereas the broader Australian population’s mean age is around 80,” she told Dee Dee.

Dr Thodis claims Greek-born immigrants live in “two worlds” with a Mediterranean diet combined with an adopted Australian lifestyle helping them live longer.

“They grow their own vegetables, they practice fasting through their religious beliefs, they are very active and that seems to be helping them live longer,” she said.

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