Greek police call Turkish authorities for emergency help over 40 trapped migrants


The Greek Police Directorate has notified Turkish authorities on Thursday of a group of nearly 40 migrants trapped on an islet in Evros River.

According to police, the territory in question is not Greek territory but Turkish, and has notified Turkish authorities for emergency help.

In a statement, police headquarters said that the islet coordinates provided by several organizations proved the islet was outside of Greek territory. It forwarded them to Turkish authorities at the Trilateral Contact Center at Kapitan Andreevo, notifying them to evacuate the migrants, some of whom are in urgent need of medical attention.

The centre was set up in May 2015 between Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria where three borders meet, to help in police and customs coordination and in collaboration during emergencies including natural disasters. (Authorities of each country are housed in the same center, consult their individual databases, and observe their national laws.)