Humanity should bow down to Greek history: The late Robin Williams

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On the anniversary month of his death,  we remember the late great Robin Williams, who during an interview with Greek newspaper Proto Thema in December 2011 was asked to comment on Greece during the time Greeks were insulted and mocked over the financial crisis and subsequent bailout.

At the time Williams was in Greece on a promotional tour, but very well aware of the cultural issues regarding the Parthenon Sculptures, the bailout and financial crisis hurting the Greek people.

He was quick to put perspective on the matter:

"I have come for a holiday with a boat and we went to all the islands. Facing them you say:

"I can not believe that here is recounted everything we read in Greek mythology." Greek History is something all mankind must must bow. Maybe your economy goes to hell, but that does not mean you're helpless. Economic data is constantly changing in Europe and America for all.

"What is not changing is the legacy, your identity. The Parthenon does not leave Athens. It's there to remind that progress and prosperity may return. I am now in England, for example, I went nowhere.

"I'm here to promote the movie and I will leave. What to see, Buckingham Palace? I Do not care. As when I go to Germany, I 'm not interested in the Berlin Wall, which is not a symbol of prosperity, but the opposite.  But you can not ignore Delos, the Parthenon and Mycenae!"

After a long struggle with depression, Williams  committed suicide on August 11, at the age of 63.

His career highlights include some of the most memorable movies of all time including Good Morning Vietnam (1987), Dead Poets Society (1989), Good Will Hunting (1997) and Mrs. Doubtfire (1993).