Vassilios Kostetsos on the brutal attack in Syntagma: "A bottle hit my head, my friend was stabbed"

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Vassilios Kostetsos spoke a little about the attack he experienced in Syntagma Square on Thursday night.

As he himself complained, the fashion designer and his friend were attacked, but what he said were "Algerians or Pakistanis".

More alarmingly, his friend was even stabbed.

The fashion designer spoke to ANT1 and described everything he experienced, declaring himself shocked.

"A bottle came over my head. I lost my balance and fell face down on the landing, before the steps. I could hear screaming, they were calling the police upstairs. And suddenly I see my friend, who is 90 kg, falling from the second step, being thrown and landing next to me," said the fashion designer.

He also made a post through his Instagram profile. In the story uploaded from his profile, Vasilios Kostetsos wrote:

"I'm sorry for not answering the phones and messages but I'm shocked. Thank you once again to all my friends for the interest and also to all my friends from social media. Thank God I had a saint and they didn't kill me. I repeat, not in any alley but in the most popular, historic and crowded square in Greece. I am in good health. Coming Soon. Thank you".

Check out his post:

The well-known fashion designer, as he reported in a related post on social media, was with his friend in the Syntagma area, when a group of foreigners headed towards them and attacked them with the intention of robbing them.

Kostetsos’ post:

“In the heart of Athens!! A little while ago, on the steps of Syntagma Square, as we were going down to go to Ermou, a bunch of foreign Algerians or Pakistanis attacked us with the intention of robbing us, blocking our way! We immediately realised their intent to steal and they reacted by throwing bottles at us, they hit my friend with a dagger in the face, injuring him, they threw me face down the stairs and no police anywhere!!!! Then we also want tourism! No protection.”

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