Dangerous weather: rain, thunderstorms, hail for Greece

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The weather will worsen today in several regions of the country, with meteorologists talking about the most hazardous day of bad weather, which will end tomorrow, Monday 15 August.

The main characteristics of weather disasters are showers, severe thunderstorms, in some places gale and hail. Although there will be “clear” intervals with the improvement of the weather.

ERT meteorologist Patty Spiliotopoulou spoke of the “weird” weather, stressing that the phenomena will first be more intense in the Ionian Sea and western Sterea, and then spread to Thessaly, western Macedonia, as well as Thrace and the northern Aegean.

“There is a possibility that the phenomena will be more intense, and that there will be lightning and hail in Macedonia and Thessaly,” the ERT meteorologist added.

Concerning Attica, then, according to Clearchos Marousakis, showers and thunderstorms are expected in the afternoon, mainly in the west and north of the region. Thessaloniki will also experience unsettled weather.

According to meteo.gr, the presence of the “cold lake” weather phenomenon (ψυχρής λίμνης), formed in the upper atmosphere and moving in the Balkan region in recent days, is the cause of weather instability in our country, causing local intense storms and hail, mainly in continental part of Greece. According to the forecast of the National Observatory of Athens / Meteo.gr, the “cold lake” will move south and on Sunday, August 14, will be in the upper atmosphere of our country.

In addition to mainland Greece, bad weather is expected to cause phenomena in the island areas, where, due to the summer holiday period, there are many people. Particular attention and caution should be paid to maritime activities (shipping), as rains and local storms will be temporarily accompanied by strong gusts of wind, mainly in the Middle Ionian, Sporades and the islands of the North Aegean Sea.

Weather August 14

On Sunday 14.08, according to the latest forecast data from the National Observatory of Athens / Meteo.gr, local rains or thunderstorms are expected in Ionia, Epirus, Macedonia, Thessaly, which will gradually spread to the rest of the continent, as well as to Evia and the islands of the North Aegean Sea.

Bad weather manifestations can be very strong in places and be accompanied by hail (especially during midday and afternoon hours in continental regions, before noon in the central part of the Ionian Sea and mainly in the evening hours in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea). However, according to meteorologists, phenomena from the evenings will cease and subside, and the weather will improve somewhat on August 15th.

Weather August 15

In eastern Macedonia, Thrace and the islands of the northeastern Aegean Sea, temporary clouds are forecast with localized rain and isolated storms, which will improve from late Monday evening. The rest of the country has generally clear weather with occasional overcast on the mainland and Crete during midday and afternoon hours.

Visibility on the mainland in the early morning will be limited in places. Wind northwest from 3 to 5 points, in some places south to 6 points on the Beaufort scale. The temperature will rise slightly in the regions of the Ionian Sea, the western and central continental part of the country, as well as in western and central Macedonia, where it will reach +31-33°С, and in some places +34°С.

In the rest of the country, it will not change significantly and will be +29-31°С, in some places up to +32°С.