Vasilis Bisbikis to Despina Vandi: "Happy birthday, my soul"

Despina Vandi

Despina Vandi is celebrating her birthday today, August 15, and her partner Vasilis Bisbikis could not help but wish her well in public.

The two of them often share photos together lately and do not hide their love.

Through his personal account on Instagram, the actor posted a photo in which he is holding the hand of his beloved with the sea in the background.

In the caption of the photo, Vassilis Bispikis wrote: "Happy birthday my soul".

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Vassilis Bisbikis and Despina Vandi support each other's professional steps. The latter, in fact, a few days ago, attended the premiere of the play "Antigone" to enjoy the performance of Vassilis Bisbikis playing the role of Creon.

The two support each other in their professional duties and there are many times that the actor has attended Despina Vandi's concerts, just as she goes to his shows.

Their posts on social media are now a frequent phenomenon and the singer captured her lover from the moment of the performance.

After posting the snap via Instagram Stories, she captioned the photo: "So proud of you."

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